Reply To: Right of way on hills?


Whaaaat?? I’ve always given the right of way to the guy coming down – unless they are going slower than me going up. It makes no sense for the downhill rider to yield. Whomever is going slower should yield. If you are almost at a standstill just stop and get out of the way.

I ran into this issue today. I thought these uphill riders were being turds because they were showing no signs of moving – too focused on getting a strava star or something. So I googled and found this to my surprise. Been mountain biking for almost 20 years around Tahoe and I’ve never had any issues with yielding.

Having the downhiller come skidding to a stop ruins the trail, is way more dangerous and just doesn’t make sense. It sounds like the argument to have the people coming down yield is,”it’s nice of them because the uphill people are suffering.” ¯\_(?)_/¯

There is usually enough room to do a last minute dip o’ the bikes so both riders can fit but it requires a little telapathy. It feels like you’re playing chicken. And someone usually bails out early.