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It has been awhile since I posted, a fair amount has happened…My teammate has lost around 30 pounds in two/three weeks, several more sponsors have either joined or expressed interest, and I finally began riding again! 12-16 miles yesterday, certainly riding a bike that exceeds my current capabilities (not my past ability) but massive thanks to The Cutting Edge and Santa Cruz the V10 is just amazing, I have a ways to go before I’m back in form but that was expected, what I didn’t expect was to be overall as able to ride as I was…Anyhow hoping to have my hands strengthened and working well enough for some downhill asap
For those interested, muscle on average works in three week cycles, due to nerve damage this will take longer if it is even possible at this point for me, if it isn’t surgery is a option and I can get tendons (in some cases from a kangaroo) switched and the treatment has shown remarkable success rates overall…Food for thought, Kangaroo tendons…