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I love clif bars. That’d be a great help! We actually reached out to Clif Bar but we haven’t heard back yet sadly…Other news going on…Mikes step-dad is recovering well from the heart attack, it was fairly minor overall! I fractured three ribs, Mike and I are meeting up today and going over everything…We still need help across the board/country/finances/everything of course…Though we are set on sponsors/support for Bikes (yeah that happened) Clothing, Stoves, Bike Shop…We also are now in discussions with a beverage/sports drink company.
Still looking for sponsors who could assist in providing food, cameras, other miscellaneous items.

National Stroke Association is completely on board. We are delaying the page for them until we are confirmed with National Heart Association (they are unrelated)
Also reason for delay, I really don’t want to have too physically hold onto the donations as this always causes some sort of problem, we are working on setting up an electronic pay method where all donations go directly to the organization!

We also would as always love to meet people, were looking to have a good time, ride, hangout, ya’ll are welcome to come join for any length of time from a minute to days or weeks, its going to be an awesome time, biking and camping! Sorry I would post more but my ribs are acting up