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Our gofundme page has the route we will be taking, again I’m attaching the link,
Alternatively if you don’t want to use the gofundmepage feel free to add me on FB name there is Tom NineLives, from CT….
please check it out we love having people interested in riding. We would love for you and anyone else to join! There are so many developments happening. I should point out, right now we are really trying to simply spread the word, sharing the page is a huge help, this adventure is expected to cost more than double what we are trying to raise through pages, we do have affiliation with National Stroke Association and I wish we had that page up as further proof but as we they are setting the page up for us it requires coordinating everything and Betsy the director is out until early next week working on a current event and upon returning our page will be up!
This is an adventure that so far to my knowledge and that of numerous others I have spoken with has never been done before.
We have attracted a total of 5 partial sponsors, 2 full sponsors, and are in discussions with numerous others and are discussing details.
Here is the link, check it out, if you like it share and spread the word, send me a message with a way of getting in contact and as we go we will keep anyone and everyone updated!