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I’d second what tonkota suggested. It had been 10 years since I had been on a mountain bike this past January and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get back into it for sure or not but wanted something capable enough that it didn’t turn me off forever. My budget was around the $1000 not because it was all I had available but I didn’t want to spend $10,000 on something I wasn’t going get into. So the LBS cut me a crazy good deal on a 2014 Specialized Camber Comp 29 for $1600 because it was last years model. It was nearly twice my original budget but at this point it was completely worth it. I also found my Mom and Dad bikes that were a couple years old both for less than $800 both full suspension and basically brand new. One was a Santa Cruz the other a Trek. So to find a new bike that is 1 or two years old under that $1000 is definitely possible. Good luck on the search.