Re: Extreme Senior Unicycling at El Prieto trail. 2015

"schwim" wrote

I do have a couple questions Terry, if you don’t mind.

First, I know this is subjective and dependent on many factors, but what distance would you consider a good ride on a uni, versus a bike? By that I mean, if I felt 20 miles was a satisfying ride on a bike, would I maybe aim for 5 miles for a unicycle ride? I ask because I wonder what trail systems would lend themselves to a good ride distance-wise.

Another consideration I wonder if you steer away from trail systems with climbs or downhills. Walking the sections is of course A-OK, but do you try to aim for trails with mild grades for the most part or does the ride work out just as well if you have to walk a big climb?

And finally, how cheap is too cheap? I watch Craigslist for unis, but nothing trail oriented has shown up. I’ve seen a couple on and amazon that come in under $250, but the reviews seem to be of failures due to their inability to withstand the rigors of trail riding. Bent cranks hub failures seem to be a common complaint with them. I wonder if you know of any under-the-radar good deals on entry level rides.

Thanks for your time!

I would say that since a uni can’t coast and has no low gears to help in climbing, plus the constant balance corrections, that a fair bike/uni equivalent for distance, given the same trail/terrain, would be about what you said. I happen to love climbing and downhill, and with the latter I always am equipped with a brake, which allows me to hit the downhills much faster since I can control my descents. I can ride any trail that an mtber can, just not as fast, lol. I do have a geared 26er that has a high gear which allows me to get moving pretty fast, for a uni.

As far as places to buy I really only recommend one place and that would be You can also call them directly and they are happy to help and answer questions as they are all avid riders as well. 1-800-UNICYCLE. They have unis for all levels, but I recommend something that you won’t have to replace too soon. The Nimbus line is excellent and affordable. for Mountain riding, aka, MUni, I would suggest either the classic 24 or 26er. The 26er will have the most tire selection as well as being a tad faster.

And you won’t have to worry about bent cranks or anything else as these are purpose built for trail riding, and have ISIS drive hubs and solid alum. cranks, double walled alum rims, and super strong but light frames. I’ve done 5 and 6 foot drops with these unis with no damage to the uni…or me luckily! Go for it!

Here is the mountain uni page at, aka, UDC: