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Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions! I am only there for 3 days so I’ve already accepted I won’t be able to do all the trails I want… I leave this Friday to get there for Sunday (nothing like driving 3000 miles in 48 hours…. 😀 ) but I still have a few questions that hopefully you can help me with:

What’s a good local bike shop in Sedona, Cottonwood, or Oak Creek? I’m staying at Dead Horse Ranch State Park while there so hoping to find a good shop with some knowledge of the epic trails to do… and fix my bike in case the unthinkable happens!

I realize Hiline is just one trail in a network, but I can’t really tell which network it’s part of… which one? Is the trailhead easy to find for the network?

Anyone want to go riding with me when I’m there? I’m meeting a friend at the state park for some camping and sightseeing after biking but he’s not a rider, meaning I’m otherwise riding alone… I was hoping to ride in the mornings and if anyone wants to join in one of the days (or all of them…) let me know and we can figure something out when I’m there. I’ll be riding Feb 15-17th…

I’m pumped! It’s been awhile since I’ve done some epic riding in the west and I’m looking forward to seeing the incredible views and gnarly singletrack!