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Blundar thanks for the weight lose encouragement it helps when you can stay motivated.

As far as point 2 I know I should worry about me and my skills but being left out of the discussions is frustrating and discouraging. Especially when you’re having a hard time on the trail and you either get lapped on shorter trails or a phone call asking where you’re at from the parking lot.

For point 3 really don’t have that anywhere near by. I do ride paved trails to help with the weight loss and cardio and mix in some alley ways that are either non paved or in need of repair that are nearby.

To point 4 yes the bouncing I may be in the process of figuring out thanks to this site an article title "light hands heavy feet" may be my solution to a lot of my woes, that and my saddle was a bit far back. My hands where getting numb and this article said I may have place too much weight on the handlebars which will cause problems , well some of them. I’m still working through the drills but I’ve noticed the numbness isn’t near as bad as what it has been. My bike is not an entry level bike at least not in it’s day. In ’98 it’s msrp was about $800 dollars but it also came with a pretty cheap front shock A rockshox indy s which has been replaced with a new RockShox XC32TK Solo Air, not top of the line but not bargain basement either. I’m riding a 26er and keep low 30 psi for the trails and bump that to 40 when on hard surface.

We’ve had a lot of rain lately so the trails have been closed. But I am going to try to fit a ride in this week if possible. And I’m planning on riding alone.