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Thanks for the encouraging words, I ride in Texas and the trails I ride have loops that vary from novice to advanced. I stay on novice trails. I have watched videos and read many articles trying to figure out what I’m doing or not doing. I have talked to some pretty advanced riders around here and even though the bike is laid out in a cross country geometry they think it should be good for the trails we ride here. I have thought about a 27.5 but 2+ grand is a lot of money to drop on a full suspension bike, regardless if I can ride or not. As far as borrowing a bike I would need to find some who would be willing to let me use their large for a ride. My wife rides a small and my friends, mediums. I would need to look into renting I don’t know who does that around here. Jeff, I don’t hate the sport I just can’t seem to do it in a way that’s not completely frustrating. I enjoy being outside in nature and really wish I could get this. The only thing I can say is going over roots or obstacles the bike bounces whether or not if I’m on the pedals or the seat, this is when I start losing control. The bike is 29 lbs my wifes GT and my friends Trek and Jamis are in the 30’s so I don’t know if that is factoring into this or not. I’m going to try again this weekend weather permitting, so we’ll see how it goes.