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Thanks for putting up the contest. It’s raining here in Dallas, the trails have been closed all week and work is slow as molasses. I’m glad I was able to put in a lot of reviews and help raise the money for good causes. Also, FYI…I started reviewing before I noticed there were actual prizes. But, that’s always a nice perk. While on the subject….I’m a Med in men’s tops/jackets, 30 on shorts and 9 or 43.5 in shoes. Tell Giro that I really like those Privateer’s in a black. Just sayin’…….and Scott, love the Sparks. Jenson, you guys know what I like as there’s always a few items in my cart at all times. If I’ve left out any other sponsors, forgive me.

Seriously, what a great time of year for the contest and I am glad to be able to help raise money.

Can’t wait to see the final results of everything.