Re: What’s the verdict on 27.5?



My 29’er die hard bike shop owner friend hopped on one of his 27.5 rentals and has a fully decked out top of the line 27.5 on order and is selling his 29’er. He is about 5’11 so it is all about choice. He just thinks they are more fun probably due to the fact that he can maneuver easier on the tight singletrack. Rent both sizeds out and see what you like. I still don’t care for the 29’ers on singletrack however, I can see the appeal of how easy they roll. My NORCO Threshold cross bike is essentially 29 inch wheels and even with the rigid fork that thing rolls over bumpy terrain. On the mountain bike I still have my 26" hardtail and love it. I still don’t feel enough of a difference in justifying spending money simply to get 27.5" wheels when they feel essentially the same but next purchase will be 27.5 for sure when the time comes.