Re: A MTBer writes that MTBs shouldn’t be allowed in wild ar


Bikes were allowed in Wilderness Areas ’til the 80’s when they changed the rules. A hiker explained it because it was a mechanical advantage thing, if that is so, snowshoes and skis should be banned also. that being said, there are some place I do believe mt bikes should not be allowed because of fragile ecosystems or other factors. However i have seen damage done by hikers in areas that have taken years to recover. Why is this ignored in the hiking community when mt bikes are brought up?

As someone that grew up and lived most of my life in New England, I have seen how hikers have approached other trail users let it be bikers, horses, or even trail runners (aren’t they just fast hikers?) as arch enemies to nature. I have also seen/heard bikers do the same to other trail users. IMO, we as bikers, hikers, equestrians, skiers, snowshoes, etc. should be working together in preserving trails/nature instead of fighting with other trail using groups.