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"koni13" wrote

Hi everyone i purchased a Giant 29er Revel 1 which has a Suntour XCT V4 29", 80mm Travel Fork, although the bike rides smooth and handles great I sense I’m missing out when I hit the trails in terms of the full effect of mountain riding.

My question is what would be a recommended affordable fork & is it worth the cost despite the bike being an entry level?

Thanks for the help.

For future use, this probably should be the start of a new thread.
In terms of missing out, I guess I don’t understand what you think you might be missing out on. You are on two wheels in the woods and on the trails, so it sounds like a good time to me. We all started somewhere, and very few people are satisfied with their first bikes for very long. "Upgradeitis" is very common.

With that being said, there are much better forks out there. It would probably be a better idea to save up your money and purchase a new bike when you are able. You will get a better feel of what you want the more you ride. I am sure you will find more to upgrade if you just did your fork.