Re: Parts compatibility

"jeff" wrote

Might as well put all your SLX stuff on the shelf. 😀

Obviously you’ll need a new shifter and derailleur that’s 11spd. And a new cassette with narrow/wide teeth. Oh, and the cassette won’t fit on a standard rear hub so you’ll also need an XD driver body. And don’t forget a new chain!

Exactly. You need LOTS! (And it’s [i:3gae8eme]very[/i:3gae8eme] expensive. 11 speed cassette alone is $400.) I couldn’t agree more with just going 1 x 10. If you’re getting that Race Face ring, good call. That’s one of two key parts to a single ring setup, both of which prevent the chain from falling off. The only other crucial thing is to make sure you have an SLX rear derailleur model RD-M675 not 670. The 675 has the clutch mechanism that prevents the chain from bouncing around. Without a front derailleur, your chain would otherwise fall off regularly. So if you don’t have that, your options are to either buy a Shimano derailleur with that (SLX, XT, XTR) or get a chain guide / chain keeper. But note the chain guide negates the need for that special Race Face ring, adds more weight, etc. So if you go that route, you could get away with returning the ring.