Re: Will Tire fit?

"Stl_Greaser" wrote

Not sure I understand. The tires will fit the rims most likely, but it depends on what frame and fork you will be putting them on. The real issue you may run into is the tire hitting the chainstays and the fork lowers..

Agreed. The question isn’t about it fitting the rim (and the hubs certainly play no role), it’s whether the bigger tires will fit the frame. Look at your current tires and check their width (written on the side of the tire). If they’re 29 x 2.20 for example, that just means you need an extra 0.2 inches of clearance – or 0.1 inches on each side. So look at front and rear and decide if there’s an extra tenth of an inch so the tire won’t hit the frame/fork. 95% chance you’ll be fine.