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"PJM" wrote

[quote="tcarbone":255fgcv5]Hi depends on where you ride if in southern california, nevada, arizona, new mexico. I would use the Nevgal up front and the slant six in back. The slant six up front has turn in issues. The slant six and small block eight work well for me as a rear tire. I like the slant six knobs for braking and downhill single track for loose over hard as a rear tire plus it rolls good… The Nevgal works good as an aggressive front tire since it has a flat surface and tall cornering knobs of course rolling resistance is not the best.

Thats my two cents.I ride southern cali

I’m in the Midwest
Northwest Indiana to be specific.

Basically you just confirmed the reasons why I’m stuck! lol
I know slat 6 is supposed to be the compromise between the Nevangel and the Small block 8 but it sounds like I need them to make something between the slant 6 and the Nevangel. 😕 😕 😕[/quote:255fgcv5]

Check into the Conti’s either x King or mountain king II with black chili usually has a good deal on them. On my 26" I run nevgal front slant six rear works good sucks for mud and wet though even with DCT. On my 29er I run the conti’s Mountain King II they roll good with the X king rear which rolls excellent. Get the black chili version for wet weather and greasy terrain.

Good luck