Re: The Beer Thread


Oskar Blues is distributed here,Dale’s Pale ale being the most common but I noticed they make a Deviant Dales IPA that I have yet to try.Their Old Chub Scottish Ale is pretty good.That’s cool they opened up another brewery!

As far as shook up beer,if I rode with it onto the trail I’d have to let then sit for a few before opening but they should settle down just fine.They go through hell on the truck on the way to the store,haha.

I was wondering about Flying Dog the other day,for some reason I don’t see their beers around here anymore.

I’m all about drinking local beer,but it’s hard to get a growler out on the trail so until later this summer when our local Swamp Head Brewery starts to can their beers,I’ve been hunting others.

Avery,Oskar Blues,and Cigar City are the most common around here.

I’m not too much for drinking during a ride but if I have any intended maintenance to do,I may take a couple for that,other than that,I just hang out on a log at the top of the drop I built after the ride. 😎 I actually want to put in a bench for that purpose. For bottled beer,I would take it to the end ride spot,before the ride,but you run the risk of other thirsty bikers finding it,haha.