Re: Entry Level Budget Bike


"gunshow" wrote

this will more than likely get some laughes but I ride one of the hated wally world bikes and in my humble opinion sometimes you have to go with what you can afford and I figure when I trash that one I can upgrade to something better

No laughs and no hate here, as you ride what you can ride. It is all about fun and not what brand or look. When you loose this, then it is not fu anymore. I mean yeah, looks are sweet to have, but these days you have to stay in budget to survive… 😆

Bro, just have fun shredding on what ya have, and when its time, you will progress to something better. One thing for sure, spending thousands of dollars on bicycles was not in mind when this first started, it was all about fun. I still cannot justify spending over 2K on any bike, and I have never spent over 1.5K on any bike of mine and I have 6 bikes…

2 – DH/FR
2 – HT’s (one AM and one big hit FR)
2 – DJ’s