Re: Airborne Wingman


"Stl_Greaser" wrote

[quote="mtbgreg1":2rj0x5jf]That’s what I was thinking. I am a bit on the fence about getting a 26" dirt jump bike or just going back to a 20" like I used to use. I want to try out a 26er and that is a good price point for me to jump into.

I still say build your own bro! Nothing against Airborne or any other bike manufacture, but if you are a 20" shredder and that is your passion, then stay with bro. Building your own has an awesome satisfaction to it, and you get what you want and feel bro. 20" bikes handle much better on the DJ’s anyways and way more room for safer tricks as well. Yes, the 26" DJ’ers are a blast on the DJ’s, and much faster and can go bigger per say, but crash harder (so do you…hahaha) … 😆

Me…I love a 24" on the DJ’s over a 26", feels better and brings me back more to my 20" roots. You can throw more big tricks as well, though at my age, tricks are something a thing of the past per say…. 😆 I have a 26" DJ and a 24" DJ and a big hit FR hard-tail along with my bigger rigs, and I actually really prefer the 24" over the 26" on the DJ’s. Trail and bigger features, I rather be on my big steed.