Re: Airborne Wingman


"Stl_Greaser" wrote

Yeah, I was also looking at some of the NS bikes and fames. What would you thing about starting off with the Ns Soda slope frame. I may still get the Wingman to start off with because the price is right and I am just starting with dirt jumping and will not be going very big for a while now!
I do like the thought of a dual suspension dj frame as in the NS!

Bro, you can’t go wrong with NS, especially the Holy or Metropolis DJ’s, but yeah man, that Soda is a sick bike for all around shredding. A lot of travel for the DJ specific, but yeah, great bike for FR, hucking off step-downs, and throwing in some bigger DJ’s. Shorter travel is better for specific DJ’s.

Even then, yeah, that Airborne is a descent DJ starter. However, you definitely cannot go wrong with the NS steeds.. 😄