Re: It’s better to drink beer after exercise than water


"ablack84" wrote

I thought beer dehydrated you? Oh well, not going to agrue with the article! I’ll have to test this one for myself! PBR Me ASAP! 😃

My many years working in the medical field in the military and in civilian life, drinking alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, champagne, & liqueur) does dehydrate you. Not saying it is bad for you, but for recovery?!?!? 😏 😆

Come on, this test was done by a bunch of young college students that I am very positive that they drink their fair share of alcoholic beverages. To me, this is kind of a one sided story. Liquids or solids rich with vitamins & minerals is the best recovery all-in-all. 😉

The body needs water, healthy food, vitamins and minerals to survive, and alcoholic beverages do not provide this, but drain the body of these most needed substances. 😉