Re: No more Sette tools..!


"slipfinger" wrote

Park tools work…

Yes, they do… 😆

"slipfinger" wrote

…but you’ll have to sell your first born to purchase them.

😆 😆 😆 Not sure about all that… 😮 That’s a bit far out there you think?… 😆

"slipfinger" wrote

Lets be honest here, if you are a weekend warrior like most people there is no real need for Park Tools, all the other brands out there will do the job. If you are wrenching all the time as in you’re a bike mech then Park Tools are the industry standard but just because your bike mechanic has Park Tools does not always mean they know what they are doing. Park Tools are the equivalent of Snap On for the auto mech, they do the job but there are way cheaper options that still get the job done.

Hey don’t get me wrong I have Parks Tools as well but no way in hell would I spend $90 for a
Park Tool Wrench set when you can get a generic set that will do the same thing for under $20.

I’m talking about mechanics tools in general, when it comes to multi-tools there are so many choices out there it will blow your mind but as maddslacker already mentioned Crank-bros has a excellent rep when it comes to multi-tools!

To each there own man… 😆 Honestly here, I use many wrenches, but as I mentioned before…."PARK tools are awesome and always work when ya need them to work!" Fact is fact, they work when you need them, great quality, have a good warranty, last many years though the price. Many other tools out there that are just as pricey, but usually lack the quality. I want tools that will last and work! As I mentioned previously, I have nothing against other tool makers, well some yes, and some somewhat, and there are other tools makers out there that are just as good as Park with a better price value. To each there own… 😆