Re: BoXXer RC or Domain Dual crown RC!?


"wildwestjake" wrote

I have a marzo RV that came on my Airborne Taka and it is fine for the dirt jumping I do, but it tops out, and the amount of adjustment is WAY to small, that’s why want a new DH fork, I considered the single crown idea, but I like the amount of travel dual crowns give.

Ahhh, the ole IH Yakuza. Bro if you want a solid fork for this bike without all the weight of the dual and triple crowns, then fly with either the Totem or the Lyric, as they are both the strongest single crown forks on the market and still make an exceptional DH/FR fork, but lighter.

The Totem is absolutely theeeeee strongest SC fork anywhere, and just as strong as any DC or TC fork out there. I have run on DC, TC, and I have come to the solid conclusion among many others that the Totem is really hard to beat, Fly with the Solo Air, that way you can either run them solo air coil or just spring coil. I beat the living hell out of my Totem with big hit step-downs (ledge drops) to flat and trans, bomb through gnarly rock and root gardens, lots of abusive DH, and the DJ’s as well, and they hold up so strong and sure. I am getting my second Totem in Wednesday for my other big bike, and I am soooo stoked bro.

Nothing wrong with the Boxxer bro, if DC or TC is what you really want, but they are a stiffer fork per say. I have the single crown Domain, and it is a great fork, however, holds nothing to Lyric, and especially the Totem.

Good luck and shred on bro! 😄 😄