Re: Chain Problem


"55byrdman55" wrote

Sorry if this has already been answered, but I could not find it in the forums.

I have a Kona Cowan, it came with an 8 speed cassette and a single chainring. Recently I changed to a 9 speed chainring set, I am pretty sure the teeth sizes matches up, but my chain has snapped 2 times(it is a good chain…well, was) it is an 8 speed chain. Every time I peddle the chain makes a popping noise, eventually leading to it snapping. I cant use all my gears because the chain rubs up against the front derailer, I have taken it to the shop for realignment and everything, but the chain still snaps. Is this because of my gear sets or possibly my chain? Would like to not have to buy anymore parts if I dont have to. Any help would be awesome!

To make it more clear per say, a 8-speed chain is a slight bit wider than a 9-speed chain thus why it is popping around on the rear cogs (gears) and chain-wheel (chain-ring or sprocket). 10-speed chains are even smaller than the 9-speed chains. You really need to invest in a 9-speed chain, as this will help you alleviate any more chain/drive-train issues that you are incurring.

Also, did you get the 9-speed cassette and chain-ring new or used? If you got it used, it may be worn down a bit which would also help with the chain/drive-train issues you are having.

The Sram PC-951 and PC-971 are the best of the more cost effective chains, but the Sram PC-991 is the toughest chain on the market (not the PC-991 hollow pin), though a bit more pricey than the others, however, not by much though. I have been shredding on them for years and never had one break, even through brutal conditions and riding… 😆 😄