Re: Are these even needed on my fork?


"General_Eggs" wrote

This leads to my question: Are the dustcovers and these foam padding things actually necessary? Or would it not be a horrible thing to just cut them off? It’s a coil fork. See pic:

The parts I’m talking about are labeled.

No, you do not need these "fork dust boots" by no means, as there are many forks without these. In fact, it is kind of rare to see these used anymore with the exception of the older generation forks such as this one you posted. They actually can be a nuisance in the long run.

As per the bumpers between the two crowns, yes, you will need them if running a dual or triple crown, as they protect the frame from damage when fully turning the dual or triple crown forks, With dual or triple crown forks, you are limited with your turn ratio compared to a single crown fork.

That is an old fork to really dump any money into, but if you are a tinkering kind of fellow or gal, then why not. Have fun with your new found project…. 😉 😄