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I’m a hardtail kind of guy. I’ve tried rear suspention in the old days and demoed a new dual suspention 29er. Nothing repeat nothing climbs or comes off a corner like a hardtail. When riding a dual suspended 29er I rode in pro-pedal most the time to avoid the monkey f***ing a foot ball suspention bob. The 29 hardtail is easier on the small chop and minor ruffage. If it gets too rough just upshift and strand up through the ruffage as always. Suspention is necessary downhill no doubt. For me the hardtail is the single track weapon of choice due to it’s climbing ability. On downhill I use my diameter to help over come the need to seat bounce twice on the down hill, carving the corners are faster anyway. 😄 Later,

Oh yeah you don’t have to ask, What’s that noise when I pedal?