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[i:21hef2pb]Armstrong saying he’s done fighting is BS. If he was innocent he’d fight it, he has the funds. But, if he just quits now and cries witch hunt, he still looks like a good guy[/i:21hef2pb]


If you were innocent, but the agency trying to prove you guilty had unlimited funds and a group of rats lined up who had been "enticed" to testify against you, knowing you would be dragged through the mud for at least the next year, spending your time going through hundreds of hours of hearings and depositions knowing that your opponent had a 99% win rate in these arbitrations, would you REALLY keep fighting? I know I wouldn’t, it’s called a stacked deck.

Back to my original point though, what is the objective? Why go after him now? I also agree with the comment re Joe Paterno, I am very opposed to all this trying to re-write sports history and erase records and accomplishments many years after the events are over. I would feel better if they just added a footnote noting the controversy, otherwise what is the point of even keeping records. I remember something about governments using similar methods to maintain their control over the population in George Orwell’s 1984.

I am sure there is more to come however since Johan Bruyneel has agreed to arbitration. As for me, my new strategy is to stop paying attention to these races as apparently the results don’t mean anything since they can be "erased" at any point in the future, and just go out and ride my bike 😉