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No titles stripped, only the UCI can do that. In fact, UCI has asked the USADA for evidence/proof but have received nothing yet. Unless that happens, and the UCI agrees that he doped, the record book will stand as is. Jan Ulrich already said he wouldn’t accept 1st place because Lance was the better rider and deserves to hold that spot. Several of Lance’s teammates who are rumored to be ready to rat him out apparently had their doping suspensions shortened if they agreed to testify against him. And all this done w/taxpayers money at the direction of USADA CEO Travis Tygart 3yrs after Lance retired, 7yrs after he won the last TDF, and after a US Federal probe found him not guilty of doping. I don’t know if he doped or not, but what is the point of going after him now? What is the point of all those drug tests if negative results don’t matter? Not sure what the objective here is other than for Travis to try and make a name for himself and increase funding for his "pseudo-government" agency. Shouldn’t they focus their efforts on current athletes? Who’s next – maybe Greg LeMond (1986) ?? What is the point of even keeping sports records if they can be changed many years later based on dubious reasons…