Re: Do you really need an $8000 MTB?

"fat_billy" wrote

CHIME! Does anybody NEEEEEED a $8000.00 MTB? No! Is a 8k MTB cool? Yes! Does it attract other riders (chicks). Yes! Does it show you have more money than brains? Yes! The Pro Racers get their bikes for free and are paid to ride them and are expected to win. Do the high dollar bikes make you faster? No! Do you think you are faster? Yes! If you are riding along feeling cool and powerful on your 8k ride and a fit rider blows by you on a $800 basic MTB how do you feel? Who you gonna call?

My old 15yr old bike weighs 21 lbs with the trick wheels. Am I going to quit drinking beer and spend 8k on a MTB? No! When I get a new bike it will probably weigh 28 to 30lbs. Will I be faster? No! Will I enjoy it? Yes! Will I like a 29er better? Yes! Unless you are a racer the weight makes less differance and a heavier more solid bike will serve you better in the long run. When you blow by a 8k bike with a heavier model means you’re the man! Watch out for the woody that it causes. 😄 Later,

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