Re: just got my cast off after breaking my wrist


Hi, I am making a quick response and I haven’t read everyone else’s response yet. So you may already have heard this.

I broke my left wrist when I was 26. The most important thing to me was physical therapy after the cast came off. Range of motion after my broken wrist was terrible also how much my muscles had atrophied. To this day my left hand has never recovered all the strength of my right.

If you cannot work with a physical therapist "officially" I think you need to apply the concepts to a daily workout routine. Range of motion was the most important thing for me to get back first. Starting to gently roll my wrist full extension down then full extension up. After a while they added resistance to the stretching. Then after a while more it was some light weight training and so on and so forth. I was back to riding a commuter bike quickly but I could not have ridden downhill or even light xc without feeling like I might be reinjuing the break.

Take it easy, see if your insurance allows physical therapy, if not find someone (an expert hopefully) who can direct you on a daily routine to restore flexibility and eventually muscle strength and if your break was like mine expect it to "hurt" for quite a while. The effects of the break were long standing for me, but not a problem to quality of life. It was just something that had to be dealt with and overcome. I would guess that after taking the cast off and finishing a good course of physical therapy it was 3 months until I was comfortable taking impacts and jolts with the previously broken wrist. But every break is different and everyone’s recovery is different.

Best of luck and I hope you are back to 100% early and painlessly.