Re: Park Service slammed for new bike trail at Big Bend NP


As an employee of the NPS and avid mountain biker, you must understand the concept of "wilderness" to realize why people are so upset with the new trail. Wilderness involves land left in its natural state including no mechanical devices or noises. This is why hiking and pack animails are OK. Part of the Big Bend trail travels through proposed wilderness and some people feel that the review process was short circuited.

As a mt bike advocate, I would like to see both a loop and through trail in every national park. In order accomplish this, we need to win over the wilderness advocates by being patient and following all of the environmental review processes. Additionally, we especially need to respect all trail users and the natural surroundings (e.g. be subdued, yield to others, don’t litter, etc.,). The Park Service is under mandate to find ways to engage youth in the parks and establishing mt bike trails is one way to do this. If we can be patient and respectful of the review process and other park advocates, we can be riding in the national parks in shortly.