Re: (Typical Ride) – (Rear Suspension) = Lower Back Pain?


Thanks for weighing in guys.


The lower back pain does feel more like it is muscular, as opposed to skeletal; for this reason I would tend to think that working on my core strength would go a long way to help the issue. I’ll be doing some crunches and aquamans to work on that 😕

and Spartan
I do know that the bike frame is probably on the big side for my height, etc. I am about 6′ tall, with a 32 – 33" inseam and the bike is a cannondale size XL (21" I think). The standover height and reach to the pedals feels comfortable, so I think that’s ok. I do have a fairly long torso and arms and decent flexibility, so the top tube length (reach to the bars) feels comfortable as well – I almost feel more upright than I do on my 19" Kona Hei-Hei.

As I read what I just wrote, my sizing analysis seems akin to using the butt-dyno when performance tuning a car. In light of that, I’ll be paying a visit to the local cannondale dealer. They offer a basic $50 dollar fitting, where they look at geometries and try their best to make impulse bought bikes fit their riders.