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"trek7k" wrote

Thanks for the recs, looks like the Topeak bags are pretty solid.

uekiya, how much are you able to fit in the Pro Pack (Small)? Ideally I’d like to fit a tube and mini tool and maybe even my Topeak Race Rocket mini pump (it’s small).

trek7k, I was recently looking for a seat bag / mini pump combination that would allow the pump to fit inside the bag. In the end, I bought a Topeak Aero Wedge (medium) & a Lezyne HV Drive. The Race Rocket was in my consideration too, but the Lezyne was available & cheaper at my LBS.

The HV fitted snugly in the bag with 1×26" tube, mini tool, levers & key pouch. Though it touches the zip line, I was able to zip up easily without stretching the zip. This is without expanding the bag via its additional zipper yet 😃

So yeah, the Race Rocket should have no problem fitting in.