Re: Riding After Cancer


Welcome to singletracks amb6708,I pretty much know the road your on.I just didn’t actually have cancer,although I had to have my colon removed to avoid cancer.I love riding bikes because it’s basically the first thing I learned to like in life and I’ve found that no matter what I go through,there always seems to be a bike waiting for me somwhere,somehow.I hope to not bring you down on this note but one of my bike mechanics buddies just past away from cancer.Got a call one day saying that he was in the hospital for cancer,and inbetween the time I got that phone call and the time I planned a hospital visit,he past away.It happens soo fast,just saying though,go out and ride it for what its worth and have fun while ya can.Even that bike mechanic of 30+ years use to complain he was’nt getting out and riding as much as he wanted to..