Re: Ride the correct direction…!!!

"schwim" wrote

[quote="steve32300":2vaswoqa]So were not supposed to talk about what conflicts us at the trail on our mtn bike’s scwimm???Please explain

This is a forum, intended for the sharing of opinions, whether or not they are in line with yours. I shared mine after you shared yours and then asked you to update us on whether complaining in this thread gets you your new trailhead sign.

You guys are more than welcome to complain to each other to your heart’s desire. Hate it out.[/quote:2vaswoqa]

I did not detect any REAL HATE in the OP’s post,now you(schwimm) call us out as hater’s,I do not appreciate this.And why is it wrong to discuss a mountain bike trail sign on a mountain bike website??I dont under stand your position…