Re: Riding the Big Bend and Lajitas Area: My Experience


[url:1f8zinof][/url:1f8zinof] I think you can get a GPS track from there. Also Barton Warnock Center is right across from the trailhead on HWY 170. There is the IMBA epic 50+ miler that incorporates this and much more of the trail in the state park. Desert Sports in Terlongua has the well Barton Warnock Center.

"GoldenGoose" wrote

Do you have a link to the GPS routes of the trails you rode? I was looking into putting together 3-4 days of bike packing in the area and I’d love to be able to link up the better trails and sites if possible. You are the second person who has mentioned Contrabando trail as being one of the best out there.

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