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"skibum" wrote

When I spent a few years in Minot, ND, the MDH was my greatest refuge. While the prairies and badlands can never compare to the mountains I was used to, it was a unique landscape that provided the only worthy mountain biking within a (long) day trip from home. Destruction of the are would definitely be a huge loss.

Having said that, however, I can’t sign the petitions as is. It just puts a blanket ban on potential drilling. I have seen drilling done in ways that minimize the impact and I have seen reclamation that would leave you wondering if any drilling had ever taken place at all. Rather than just say "no drilling," better to assess and balance the needs of both concerns and then ensure any drilling done has minimal impact and full reclamation. Of course, that would drive up costs, but if the need is that great, then it will bear the additional cost.

We do ourselves a disservice by only accepting two possible alternatives–either we blindly rape and pillage the landscape and environment or we "preserve" with no consideration of the possible uses of the land. It’s the exact same argument anti-MTB Wilderness advocates use to defend their position by begging the questions with "would you rather preserve our wild spaces with Wilderness designation,including MTB prohibition, or have them destroyed by commercial interests or rampant overuse"–as if those were the only two possible paths.