Re: Garmin discontinuing Edge 205, 305, 605, and 705?


OK I have read all below so let me ask a question to the Edge users. Are you satisfied with the Edge units. I am going to buy the Edge 800 within the month. I live, work and ride in a remote area of Western North Carolina…20 miles from Tsali if that helps. I have my own small business of maintaining peoples vacation homes some of which are deep in the Nantahala forest with lots of old logging road and horse trails…rarely used around and will often times just go for a blind ride when i feel like a break from the days work. No cell phone reception at all. Only got lost once or twice…fun.

I am looking at the Garmin Maps. My goal is to know where I am when I take a blind ride and of course to track it for later use. Any advice regarding 24K vs. 100K. I don’t mind spending the addtional money on the 24K. I was thinking of the micro SD card but the 24K coverage area includes NC and SC but NOT GA and I also plan on riding North GA this year quite a bit…then I will have to buy a 2nd micro SD card and I don’t want to necessarily screw around with two cards as I know I will cross state lines in a ride. The 100K I can buy the whole south east or U.S. for that matter. I know they are not as detailed but for just knowing where I am on a trail…are the 100k good enough.

Now I see I can buy the 24K Southeast CD which includes GA. Can I make a file of just NC, SC and GA on the Edge 800 or would that take up to much space or can I store those three states on a blank SD card. I can’t mess around with downloading from Garmin or any other because I have Hughsnet and you can’t download the maps from Garmin using a Satellite connection.

I know what the Garmin website says but I hear from other riders that customer support is horrible at times and I don’t know if they are trumping up there product. I would like to have info from people who have used the Edge models or heard directly from other riders what is good or not.