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"dgaddis" wrote

[quote="brianW":pnnrjh2l]You are more than welcome to come, race, hang out, volunteer, what ever……… 😃

+1 – come on down! In October we’re putting on the Baker’s Dozen 13hr race. You can ride solo or on a 2, 3, or 4 person team. It’s all about having fun on your bike with a bunch of like minded people.

In fact, we’ve got a team consisting of me, Trek7k, and the Blogger Formerly Known as Goo (aka mtbgreg1). You’re certainly welcome to hang out with us and share pit space. I’ll be camping the night before at the race venue, and maybe the night after, but not sure. The other guys may or may not be camping, not sure what their plans are yet.

EDIT: oh, I see you’re in TX…Augusta is a bit of a drive LOL. I thought you were in NC for some reason.
I wish I could come down. But between college and work I couldn’t do it. If I were closer I’d come in a heartbeat. I’d like to see what good riders can do. I’m usually stuck going out on my own. I don’t get a chance to watch other riders.

Is that what a ladder is?!! That’s AWESOME!!!! Oh man. I’m definitely going out to find that this weekend. Man, it about time some cool things were built. lol. I’d build some myself but I don’t know how. I’ll start studying some of the obstacles and see about making some at my place.