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"Jared13" wrote

That sucks, Dorado!

I did my first race a few weeks ago at my local trail (didn’t have to travel, knew the trail, etc) and had a blast!

Granted, there were only five of us in Cat 3, but everyone was very nice and I didn’t notice any egos.

It looks like you did pull a few lessons from the experience so it wasn’t all bad. 😃

We had something like 10 in Cat 1 and the rest of the 200 between cat 2&3, most in 3. I didn’t know if it was just egos or more of a combination of lack of experience, heat (109), and stupidity.
But at any rate I’m planning on hitting the trails again this weekend and giving it another go. I’m going to enjoy all the new obstacles before they rot away. They added some ladders???, improved some rock gardens, added a river crossing where you ride through the river, and a couple of other things if I’m not mistaken. I’ve never ridden a ladder. Anybody know what that is?