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I picked this race because it’s the only one I didn’t have to travel for. Oh well. I figured there’d be some bumping and grinding, but I was actually pushed. But what can you do. It all in the past and nothing to worry about anyways. I didn’t get hurt, and I got farther than my brother so I can’t complain. So, I’ll learn my lesson, train, and get an attitude for the next one. I’ll kick it’s @$$ next year.

"maddslacker" wrote

I have heard from racer friends of mine that the beginner class is the worst for that. In the higher categories the riders know how to handle themselves and they (usually) know where they fit in the order of things.

Like what Trek7k said, check out doing a 24 hour race on a relay team. My first race was 24 Hours of Moab last fall and it was an absolute blast!

You know I figured Cat 3 would be fun and Cat 2 would be over competitive. Guess I was wrong about that. Now that I think about it, that does kinda make sense. They’re too competitive for their skill set and over compensate by being too aggressive and ruining it for everyone else.