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so i was very active in this forum and have been absent for a few months(what up maddslacker) and one of the reasons i have been absent is due to a whole lot of riding and career change. In the process i have now atained a HT 9er, a rigid 9er and ofcourse i still have my f/s 26" Teocali which fits like that old pair of jeans that you dont ever want to throw away. Anyway i have been rdidng 9ers an awful lot and i must say that the fast rollin’ 9er wheels are a blast. 😃 😃
My thought is everyone should own atleast one of each. I haven’t riden a f/s 9er on trail yet and that is in the works. if i like it i hope to purchase one next fall..
Mbgirl had questiion on the switchbacks and i found myself cutting switchbacks a little wide to start and finish them thight meaning my front wheel starts wide to give myself room for the rear to clear and then i bring the front wheel in thight in the switchback.. hope this helped some..

p.s if you have one of each you never have to regret buying the other… 😆 😆 😆