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Sorry to hear that about your elbow…

Having been riding for well…Most of my life. I have had more than my share. Two broken clavicles, fractured ankle, torn same ankle twice, major areas of my back, knees and thighs with sections of flesh removed from really bad road rash…Not to forget all the other twists and bruises…

Getting back is one of the things that is tough. Mostly because of what you mentioned. The wanting to get back on. Having just got back from a major tear on my ankle (early prognosis from doctor thought it was broken, but evedently it was an old chip), I had to fight myself from getting on to early. Something your going to have to do. Eating well and catching up on some suppliments I feel will help (calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, I use also a few others in the mix) won’t hurt but may speed up healing. Stretching and massaging the tissue around the break will help encourage blood flow and speed things as well.. Anti-Oxidants too will encourage cell re-generation.

Other forms of excersise is a good idea. Sitting around is bad. You will pack on the weight….I was stuck sitting (bad ankle) for two weeks and that didn’t help…But getting mobile and taking it slow is key. When you do get on again do yourself a favor and get some armor…Doesn’t have to be hard, but something to help with the healing and possible accident again.

Hey to be prepared than sorry… Also hit a bike park or indoor park… Great place to hone your skills and boost confidence. Most indoor spots are high skill low concequnce places. So your building your skills but if you do loose it your not in a world of pain.