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[quote="fat_billy":smtjpicr]I’ve seen a bunch of hunters at the Bull Mountain ride near (Ex Goo’s) home town. I took a wrong turn once in that area and ended up in the Camp Merrill area(Ranger School) in Dahlonega. The cliff they use to teach rappelling has a big white arrow pointing off the cliff to avoid confusion. But that is a different story. Some camoed gentlemen came out of the woods quietly carring these black rifles. They liked my MTB but the Master Sgt wasn’t amused but directed me the correct way back toward the Nimblewheel church area. I was miles off course but the Ranger camp is kinda large. It was way dark and cold when I reached the car. Should’a asked for a MRE. 😄 Later,

The rangers will do patrols/training out on some of the trails too. I’ve come across groups of them many times while riding. I’ve even been riding past where they’ve had a massive stationary gun set up firing off rounds into the hillside[/quote:smtjpicr]

… I miss Dahlonega. Do not miss Benning or Florida. We had several folk watching us and climbing with us when I was there; even had races up the cliffs against a few em.
"Should’a asked for a MRE"—Not many would be willing to give one up, not that I blame them.

Pet Peeve: Trash on the trail not more than a 100′ from the waste bin… makes no sense.