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"neil.beltchenko" wrote

[quote="tjc58":1iafk6s2]Horse Poop! Always in a big pile, never in a bag, and always on a turn! Come on people.

I agree on this but, most trails at least out in Colorado are equestrian friendly so that’s going to happen.

Agree to not yielding, some people just don’t know this which is unfortunate

about hunters: man if there right on a trail they best know that they will see traffic.

the thing that erks me the most is big groups, 6 or more not yeilding to a solo rider. I feel as if you have a slower small group you should always yield no matter what.

Great subject![/quote:1iafk6s2]

im usually a solo rider and I always yield to everyone, no matter mid climb or downhill. i will certainly yield to 2 or more riders. Easier for me to stop than 2+ people.

Tbh, I hate when I yield to riders and they dont nod or say thank you, its a courtesy, not a requirement. Dont have much of a horse poo problem here in GA but I do see beer bottles laying around on some trails and that annoys me to no end.