Workout Entertainment, Maintenance Ideas, and Mountain Bike Skills to Work on at Home [Videos]

The nose press is one of the more useful trail tricks you can practice at home.

We wanted to share some mountain bike related things to fill your newfound time at home. From strength and trainer workout entertainment to bike maintenance and backyard skills, there is little excuse to get bored or neglect the bike while we wait out this nasty virus. As the trails call your name, you can get fit and ready to answer them by following along with a few of the videos below.

Workout entertainment

The EWS YouTube channel is packed with hours of inspiring videos to keep the stoke high during a hard home workout. Check out this background story with Bex Barona.

Yoann Barelli shares the stoke on a sweet trail in Mexico.

The Gowaan Gals are not only talented riders, but they’re hilarious. Check ’em out!

Paul the Punter gives us the rundown of the best MTB tips and tricks he learned last year.

We all know that the Red Bull Bike channel is worth a look. This one on the tight fight for first place in the 2019 DH World Cup will keep your attention.

Jesse Melamed’s YouTube channel offers come of the best first-person perspective of EWS tracks, and this video from Northstar is no exception.

Bike maintenance to fill the time and dial the whip

This fork service guide is wicked easy to follow. If you’re afraid to take your fork apart, give it a watch and you’ll see how quick and easy it can be…

… then tear the shock apart and give it a solid cleaning.

Then, it’s on to the BB bearings.

Followed by the headset.

Check and service all of the pivots.

Make the wheels round again.

Proper dropper service.

Top off the sealant.

Backyard or driveway skills to keep the balance fresh

Make your own skills park.

Let Kirt show you all the glory of jibbing.

Another obvious one that you can practice anywhere.

Another approach to the manual.

Full bunny hop breakdown.

Nose press, nose manual, stoppie, endo, call it what you like.

DIY roller to keep the fitness high.

Do you have any favorite mountain bike videos you’d like to share? Please post the links below.