Laura Slavin Goes Big and Bigger in Fight or Flight [Video]

From Laura Slavin’s Third Degree Berms YouTube channel:

No matter what type of riding you do, eventually you’ll come to a do or die moment – a point of no return. The fight or flight response kicks in and there are only two choices in front of you: brake, pull off, and give up… or step through the fear and commit.

When I make the choice to commit, all the fear I initially felt fades away and I’m completely immersed in the here & now. I’ve accepted all the consequences. Everything is quiet. By walking through fear I find a strength within me that I never knew I had… and I can bring that strength to all the other arenas of my life. This is my favorite part about the bike, something I think all riders share. Super excited to share this Yeti collaboration project with you all 🙂

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