Dance in the Woods: A Mountain Bike Trail Experience in the PNW [Video]

Danica and Andrew Fife are husband and wife who love to mountain bike. The last few years they’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest riding some of the most breath-taking terrain in the world. This video was filmed on local trails near Bellingham.

The story

“When we got married, we were living in St. George, UT. Andrew  got me my first entry-level bike so we could ride together. Mountain biking was his hobby and he didn’t expect me to really get into it. To his surprise, I became addicted. I found a local group of lady shredders and soon I started riding even more frequently than he did. Early on I made it a goal to become skilled enough to join Andrew and his friends on their adventurous biking trips. I am happy to say I am invited on pretty much every trail now. Plus, I currently have the one up on the manuals and wheelies. He’s got some catching up to do. Biking for us is something so amazing that we can do together or separately with our friends. It helps us explore our world, since most of our vacations revolve around riding bikes. I love steep trails with good dirt. I prefer natural to man-made but like a good jump line too.” 

Danica continued about the day they filmed this video:

“The day of the shoot we were hoping for a typical PNW gloomy day, but it ended up being quite clear and freezing! There was some frost on the ground and probably one of the last days of riding in this area before the snow set in. We had amazing dirt conditions and had a lot of fun filming and riding together.” 

The future

Andrew and Danica recently migrated from the dense PNW forests down south to the Las Vegas area and will be riding a lot of dry desert conditions through the winter on many of the Bootleg Canyon trails. With much of 2021 travel plans still unknown at this point, they’re excited to focus on riding together and continuing to spend a lot of their time together on bikes. 

Video and photos: Spencer Johnson, Ryan Robbins, Nate Lowe, provided by Fezzari.