Best MTB Reads, July: Reports from Ecuador, Scotland, and Tennessee Plus Bikerafting and a Trail Fee Debate

We’re deep into summer now. From high elevation to low, trails across the country should be dry if not downright dusty at this point. Or, maybe you’ve got some rolling afternoon monsoons keeping the dirt moist and the smokey air at bay. We’d prefer the latter.

Our July Singletracks feature recap includes an intro to bikerafting, the niche subcategory of bikepacking that adds an inflatable raft to the mix, a travel essay on mountain biking in Ecuador, why the state of Wyoming is considering mountain bike user fees, and an essay on riding and roaming in Scotland via mountain bike.

Check out this month’s best reads if you missed anything and then get back out there on the trails.

An Intro to Bikerafting: How it Works, and How to Get Started

Bikerafting combines biking and rafting, using an ultra-lightweight and packable raft. Kevin fills us in on the basics for getting started.

Breckenridge, Colorado Trail Signs Are One of a Kind

The trail etiquette signs placed around Breckenridge, Colorado stand out thanks to original artwork commissioned by the town’s park and open space department.

A “Life-Changing” Mountain Bike Trip to Ecuador with 2Wheel Epix Goes Beyond the Trails

Mountain biking in Ecuador opens up a whole new world, and a new perspective to go along with it.

Pay to Ride? Wyoming is Eyeing User Fees Targeting Mountain Bikers 

In Wyoming, officials at the Office of Outdoor Recreation are testing the waters of implementing new user fees targeting mountain bikers to fund essential trail work.

Roaming and Resting in Scotland via Mountain Bike is as Easy as it Sounds

Bothies and the right to responsible access make Scotland a wonderful place to ride mountain bikes.

Jump or Drain? Everything you Wanted to Know About Grade Reversals on Trails

You may not know what a grade reversal is, but you’ve likely ridden across hundreds of them. Find out why they’re such an important part of trail building.

Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains are Full of Good Trails and Good Food

The singletrack mountain bike trails in Eastern Tennessee offer something for everyone.

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