Cinema Sunday: “The Whole Enchilada”

I have heard tales of an incredible ride in Moab by the name of “The Whole Enchilada,” but I haven’t truly been able to grasp its epicness… until now. The Whole Enchilada drops over 7,000 vertical feet from Burro Pass down to the town of Moab, Utah over the course of 26 glorious miles. This …

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Cinema Sunday: Exposure

When we talk about riding trails with “exposure,” places like Moab and other great Rocky Mountain destinations come to mind. But often, our brushes with “the edge” are very brief. The precipice is here, and then gone. After watching this video, I think I have gained a whole new appreciation for the term “exposure.” This …

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Cinema Sunday: Mountain Biking in the Czech Republic

Check out this beautifully shot and edited riding video by Petr Slavik from the Czech Republic. The trails featured in this vid were old hunting trails built centuries ago that have been re-purposed as mountain bike trails. Who’s up for a trip to the Czech Republic? 🙂

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Drift HD Helmet Cam Review

Judging by the number of new and improved helmet cameras that hit the market each year, manufacturers are still trying to find the sweet spot where quality, dependability, usability, and affordability intersect. Over the past three years helmet cameras have moved from disappointing to good-enough to… well, almost exciting. The Drift HD is part of …

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Life Cycles Mountain Bike Video

There has never really been a mountain bike movie like this before. And it may be a long time before anyone else can capture a wisp of the feeling Life Cycles has captured. Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb, the creators of this masterpiece, have my respect. Life Cycles exhibits a paradigm shift in the way …

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The Evolution of Downhill Mountain Biking in Crested Butte: Evolution Bike Park, CBMR

Crested Butte is legendary as one of the birth places of mountain biking. While Marin, California may receive most of the fame (infamy?), Crested Butte was also one of the places that the earliest mountain bike pioneers called home. Unlike Marin, Crested Butte has maintained its legendary status with the oldest mountain bike club in …

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MTB Movie Review: Pedal Driven

10 Reasons to watch Pedal Driven, a BIKEumentary: 1. You saw the earlier Singletracks blog post by trek7k about the fundraising efforts to complete the movie. If you pledged, you’re part of the effort. 2. There are secret/illegal/pirate trails in your area and you want to watch the story of how a group of passionate, …

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